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by Angela McMillan

Dear America My name is Angela McMillan. I am a private citizen and non-media affiliated. I am a 44 year old,

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by Angela McMillan

The Latest on the independence Catalonia (all times local): 2:15 p.m. Grassroots groups driving Catalonia’s independence movement say they have

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by Angela McMillan

College fraternities aren’t just for partying and making friends. Turns out they can also lead to a more successful career.

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by Angela McMillan

An Afghan official says the Taliban have killed a district police chief in the southern Helmand province. Source: Fox News

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by Angela McMillan

Drew Anderson threw his first career-touchdown pass for Buffalo and the Bulls held on to beat Florida Atlantic 34-31 on

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by Angela McMillan

President Trump accused Iran of collaborating with North Korea to strengthen their missile technology Saturday evening in a Twitter post

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by Angela McMillan

Police say a group of men sprayed a “noxious substance” at shoppers in London Saturday night, causing as many as

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by Angela McMillan

An argument broke out at a Delaware restaurant this week after a woman complained to a veteran that service dogs

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by Angela McMillan

Hawaiian officials are reportedly preparing for a nuclear attack by North Korea while trying not to worry residents and tourists.

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Children make up about 60 percent of more than 420,000 people who have poured in to Bangladesh over the last

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by Angela McMillan

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un lashed out at President Trump Thursday, saying the American leader was “deranged” and vowing

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